List of All Monster High Dolls continued....

ABBEY BOMINABLE - Daughter of a Yeti

SPECTRA VONDERGEIST - Daughter of a Ghost

TORALEI STRIPE - Daughter of a Werecat

C.A. CUPID - Daughter of Eros- First wave of Cupid was released in January 2012 as a Walmart exclusive and is no longer in production. Most recently according to Mattel, the second wave of Cupid has also been discontinued and is no longer in production. There is still a possibility that stores may still have her on the shelf.

OPERETTA- Daughter of Phantom of the Opera

NEFERA DE NILE- Daughter of a Mummy -  Nefera is a little bigger than the other dolls because she is a little older. She is Cleo De Nile's older sister. - Discontinued and no longer in production according to Mattel Nov 2013.

HOWLEEN - Howleen is little sister to Clawdeen wolf. She is smaller than the other dolls. Very cute. 

PURRSEPHONE & MEOLODY - These Werecat twins are a dynamic duo. They are being sold together in a twin pack exclusively at Toys R Us
FRANKIE STEIN - BLACK & WHITE -  From the Skull Shores Theme

ROCHELLE GOYLE - Daughter of a Gargoyle 

VENUS MCFLYTRAP- Daughter of the Venus Fly Trap

ROBECCA  STEAM - Daughter of the Mad Scientist

SKELITA CALAVERAS - Daughter of Los Eskelitos

JINAFIRE LONG - Daughter of a Chinese Dragon

CATRINE DEMEW - Daughter of a French Werecat

HEAD MISTRESS BLOODGOOD - Daughter of The Headless Horseman. She is in charge of the students of Monster High

TWYLA - Daughter of The Boogyman - Available now as part of the "13 Wishes" series

GIGI GRANT - Daughter of a Genie - Available now as part of the "13 Wishes" series

HEATH BURNS - Son of a Fire Elemental - Released June 2013 as a 2 pk set with Abbey Bominable

CATTY NOIR - Daughter of a Werecat - Catty Noir is in stores now.  Released earlier than anticipated. She was supposed to be released Sept 13, 2013.

SCARAH SCREAMS - Scarah Screams is no longer just a Comic Con exclusive! Scarah has just been released in stores as part of the "I Love Fashion" series! The original first wave Scarah however, will not be released to stores.

JANE BOOLITTLE - Daughter of Dr Boolittle- On display at this years Comic Con 2013 - Released in the US November 2013.

HONEY SWAMP - Daughter of  The Swamp Monster - Upcoming character in the Frights, Camera, Action! TV series. Released in the US November 2013

ELISSABAT - Upcoming character in the Frights, Camera, Action! The doll and the TV series. Released in the US November 2013.

CLAWDIA WOLF - Daughter of the Werewolf and sister to Clawdeen, Howleen, and Clawd Wolf! Upcoming character in the Frights, Camera, Action! TV series. Released in the US November 2013.

VIPERINE GORGON - Daughter of Stheno (the eldest of the gorgons) She is the cousin of Deuce Gorgon.


SIRENA VON BOO - Sirena Von Boo is a new upcoming character in the the movie Freaky Fusion coming out a little after the second half of 2014. She is part mermaid and part ghost.

AVEA TROTTER - Avea Trotter is a new upcoming character in the movie Freaky Fusion coming out a little after the second half of 2014. She is part centaur and part harpy.

BONITA FEMUR - Bonita Femur is a new upcoming character in the movie Freaky Fusion coming out a little after the second half of 2014. Her father is the Mothman and her mother is a skeleton.

NEIGHTHAN ROT - Neighton Rot is a new upcoming character in the movie Freaky Fusion coming out a little after the second half of 2014. He is part unicorn and part zombie.

INVISIBILLY - Son of the invisible man

GILDA GOLDSTAG - Daughter of the Ceryneian Hind. Gilda is available as part of a 5 pack with Slo Mo, Lagoona, Cleo, and Scarah Screams only at Target!

WYDOWNA SPIDER - I love Fashion Wydowna Spider Toys R Us exclusive.

CASTA FIERCE - Daughter of Circe

MARISOL COXI - Daughter of a Maricoxi (ape-like creature) from Peru 

LORNA McNESSIE - Daughter of The Loch Ness Monster 

KIYOMI HAUNTERLY -Daughter of the Noppera-Bo (faceless ghost)

PORTER "PAINTERGEIST" GEISS - Son of a Poltergeist

RIVER STYXX - Daughter of the Grim Reaper.

VANDALA DOUBLOOMS - Daughter of a Pirate Ghost

Comic Con Exclusive Monster High Dolls

2010 FRANKIE STEIN - COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE - Only 5000 made - Can only find her on Ebay or Amazon for around $200! Not in stores!

2011 GHOULIA YELPS - COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE - Available on Ebay and Amazon for $200 - $300. Not in stores!

2012 SCARAH SCREAMS - COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE- Daughter of a Banshee - 2012 Comic Con exclusive. Will not be sold in stores.

2012 HOODUDE VOODOO - COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE - Hoodude was created by Frankie Stein to be her emergency boyfriend - For this reason he has a big crush on her. He comes as part of a twin pack with Scarah Screams and will not be sold in stores. He was a 2012 Comic Con exclusive.

2013 WYDOWNA SPIDER - COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE - Daughter of Arachne - Will not be sold in stores

2014 IRIS CLOPS & MANNY TAUR COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE - Will not be sold in stores


  1. I've seen sellers on ebay offering a preorder on the re-release of the 1st wave dolls. (including Holt Hyde, Jackson Jeckyll, and Deuce Gorgon) Do you know anything about this?

    1. in spring 2015, first wave dolls will be re-released. online only. rumored to be $15 each.

  2. do you know when the mad science 2-pack with ghoulia and cleo gonna come out in the US? cuz someone already found it in canada along with the home ick 2-pack.

    1. Well they already had them out in the U.S. and they only had very few of them in each store but when I went Christmas shopping with my money they had them at Wal-Mart for 25 dollars. And I got them.

  3. Ebay item# 321157311342 is the re-release of Holt. Gil has been re-leased as a set...should have them in hand soon. Also got a 2013 Comic Con Webarella...should have the middle of July!! :) I have bought a number of pre-release dolls and always get what I pay for. Costs more, but guarantees I get one, especially here in Las Vegas!!

    Catty Noir Bio

    Parents: The Werecats

    Killer Style: When I'm on stage, I like to dress in a flashy, brightly colored clothes with high gloss, because the stadium or concert rooms are so huge that without, no one would see me. And off stage..same thing! I love the brightness because it gives me good luck

    Freaky Flaw: I am very superstitious. For example, I always eat exactly the same thing two hours before a concert: 7 chicken nuggets, 5 apple slices, and 1 strawscary shake. I have to enter stage on the left and exit on the right, and never use stairs during my show.

    Pet: Not having a pet has been one of the sacrifices I've had to do for my career, but now that I will be just a student, I have been dying to have a freakishly cute pet.

    Favorite Activity: I like to purrsenally answer all of my fan's letters. I think that in this way, I am more connected to them. At the end of the day, without their support, I wouldn't be where I am.

    Pet Peeve: Not being able to plan my own schedule. After so many years with every minute of my life totally planned ahead, I DO NOT WANT TO BE PLANNED FOR!!!!

    Favorite Subject: I think it will be Monsturous Literature. On touring trips, he passed me love notes. I have wanted to study the classics.

    Least Favorite Subject: It probably will be Geography. I want nothing to do with travel!

    Favorite Color: Fushcia

    Favorite Food: Cheesy Potatoes. I love eating them after my concerts.

    GFF'S: I'm dying to make friends in school!

    Have a GREAT 4th of July!!!

  4. please can you tell me if the Ever After High series have something to do with Monster High?I saw the 13 wishes movie and at some parts of the movie there are elements of this new series.I really would like to know.Thank u..

  5. My daughter is a huge fan. (go figure, she's 9!) She is the proud owner of six MH dolls for now, she's gonna LOVE Christmas, and she just watched 13 Wishes. She really, REALLY wants to know if there are any plans to produce a Whisp doll. I figured this was probably one of the best ways to put that question out there so if anyone has any info we'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Bruce! No idea about the Wisp doll. Check out my facebook page. Updated daily with Monster High news and loaded with Monster High fans reporting sightings of dolls all over the US!
      Join the facebook page on this site or...
      go to...

    2. Would love a Wisp doll though!! Fingers crossed! You would think Mattel would. All they have to do is use the same doll as Gigi and change her hair color and clothes. Hopefully Mattel figures that one out. Lol

  6. yeah I would love a wisp doll and letice417 you are right that's all they have to make a wisp doll and for a total amount of dolls, Bruce, I have 52 dolls in all and I got 25 more for Christmas this year. BAM!!!